VIDEO: Cast Of The Lion King Musical Treat Plane To Rendition Of ‘Circle Of Life’

Lion King Plane

This could definitely be described as a Marmite moment, and judging by the reaction of most of the people on the plane it seems like they hated it.

How would you feel if you were on a plane and suddenly half of the passengers broke into a rendition of the ‘Circle Of Life’ from The Lion King?

That’s exactly what happened on this flight from Brisbane to Sydney, and I think you would either love it or hate it. Judging by most of the reactions of people on this plane (staring straight ahead, pretending to read, looking in overhead bins) they absolutely hate it.

I think I would be pretty stoked that the cast of an award winning musical were giving me a free song, but then I just might not be in the mood for it depending what I was doing that day, which I guess is how all these guys feel. Which is strange because they’re Australian, and Australians are normally up for anything. At least one little kid in the aisle seems to be digging it, and everyone on the internet can watch it and enjoy it and laugh at how grouchy all these passengers are.

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