This Version Of Linkin Park’s ‘Numb’ Sang By Dogs And Goats Is Just Perfect

Numb Animal Cover

If you’ve ever thought that the best way to improve Linkin Park is to have animals sing the words instead of Chester Bennington, then this video is for you.

If you thought that the best way to improve Linkin Park’s ‘Numb’ was to get Jay Z to rap over it and call it ‘Encore’ then you were completely wrong, because someone has just dropped this animal remix of the song and it’s absolutely killer.

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All kinds of animals are featured but it’s mainly dogs and goats. Wait until you get a load of Mike Shinoda’s vocals in the second half of the verse:

Yeah OK, so maybe he did kind of give up when it got to the concert but it was a sterling effort up until then. Although I’m not sure if the dogs are actually singing the vocals or not – it kind of sounds like he’s just making a stupid voice and overdubbing it on a video of a dog. Either way it still sounds really funny so I suppose we can forgive him.

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