‘Line Of Duty’ Creator Jed Mercurio Shouts At Journalist For Asking Him About ‘Line Of Duty’

Calm down Jed.

‘Line Of Duty’ is somehow the most watched television drama of all time in this country, but it’s safe to say that a lot of people were disappointed with the season six finale – which could be the last ever episode – and the reveal of H after three seasons of twists and turns, with many people taking to social media to express their disdain for the potential ending.

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Series creator Jed Mercurio has been tightlipped about the prospect of another series, but hasn’t been shy in sharing metrics showing that most people actually enjoyed the ‘finale’ and even slagging off a couple of people on social media for calling him a prick over the ending. It’s fairly clear that he doesn’t want to talk about it, so it’s not that surprising that he went off on a bit of a rant when the subject changed to the show during an interview with journalist Alice Jones about his new graphic novel ‘Sleeper’.

Here’s what went down:

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You understand as a writer, that some people may like it, and some people may hate it, that just goes with the territory.

For someone to say, ‘I hated the last episode of season six’ is something that can’t be challenged, because that’s their personal view.

I don’t want to talk about another season, it just feels like this is clickbait now.

Feel free to generate some clickbait!

I really enjoyed the conversation. Have a good day!

Calm down there Jed – is it really so bad that you’ve created the most popular TV show of all time and people want to ask you about whether it’s coming back or not? It seems kinda inevitable that the show will return as it wasn’t really that satisfactory an ending and it’s a massive ratings success, so I don’t really get why everyone is so eager to get it confirmed. Trust the process and hopefully this time it’ll be worth the wait. Give the guy a break.

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