Lil Nas X Sparks Outrage With New Music Video Of Him Shagging The Devil (NSFW)


According to the Bible, Lil Nas X is going to hell for being a gay rapper, so I guess he figured he may as well have fun in the meantime and this includes shagging Satan himself in his latest music video.

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(Skip to around 2:30 for the sexing)

Mama mia! To each their own I suppose. Seems like he had a whale of a time. He also shared this note on Twitter addressed to his 14-year-old self and acknowledging how far he’s come from the scared little gay kid he was as a teenager:

Most people reading this probably can’t relate, but I imagine reading that must be a decent confidence boost to any gay lads out there.

Lil Nas X also released these ‘Satan Shoes’ trainers to coincide with the video’s release, containing real human blood in them. Yikes:

Naturally, reaction to the music video and shoes on social media was mixed, with loads of people bigging LNX up but many clutching pearls also:

Well what can you say really? Fair play to LNX for embracing who he is and becoming massively successful but I wouldn’t want my kids watching a video of a dude shagging Satan either. Is that Lil Nas X’s responsibility though? At the end of the day the guy can say and do what he wants and that includes riding Satan’s big red willy and putting out demonic Nike shoes. Probably wouldn’t book him to visit primary schools and do singalongs with the kids from now on though.

For the time Lil Nas X exposed Tekashi 69 for sliding into his DMs after he made a gay joke about him, click HERE. How did he not see that one coming?


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