Lil Aaron Carter Suffered Mild Concussion After Getting KOed By Former NBA Player Lamar Odom

He got absolutely battered.

With all the excitement around the European Championships and all the other dumb celebrity boxing that has been going on over the last couple of weeks, it had completely slipped my mind that Lil Aaron Carter was facing off against former NBA player Lamar Odom on Friday night.

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I doubt that I would have tuned in but obviously I wanted to see the highlights because it was a completel mismatch – Odom had something like a ten inch reach advantage over Carter – and Carter was going to get his ass absolutely handed to him and this is exactly what happened. He was knocked down in the first round and then KOed in the second and pretty much manhandled in between all that, revealing later on that he was so beaten up by Odom that he suffered a mild concussion:

Yeah that really was kind of embarrassing for the guy wasn’t it because he’s so much smaller than Odom. It makes you think why they even bothered to have the match in the first place as it clearly wasn’t that much of a competition. I guess for the memes, but did anyone really think that Aaron Carter even had a slight chance in this? Was like Rey Mysterio vs The Big Show or something.

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