Light Sculptures By Diet Wiegman



Diet Wiegman is an artist whose career as spanned over 50 years and has involved ceramics, paint and photography but his enduring legacy will probably be in the form of his light sculptures, an art form which he seems to have created himself back in the 1980’s. Other artists such as Tim Noble and Sue Webster (no, I don’t know who they are either) have also experimented with light sculptures but it seems as though Diet Wiegman was the original and best in this medium.

A light sculpture is basically a collection of trash and objects that essentially just looks like a pile of junk – which is what it is – when you first look at it. However, if you shine a light on it at the right angle then you get a perfectly formed shadow. Diet Wiegman has over 38 light sculptures on his blog which you can check out HERE, but I’ve got some of the best ones from it and stuck them up here on Sick Chirpse.

Check them out below. You’ve got Michael Jackson, a map of the world and Michaelangelo’s David, amongst others. There’s also a short film (3 minutes) at the beginning of the pictures about Diet Wiegman’s light sculptures that is well worth watching.

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Sisyphus Light Sculpture

Plant Light Sculpture

Michael Jackson Light Sculpture

Main Street Light Sculpture

Macbeth Light Sculpture

David Light Sculpture

Cowboys Light Sculpture

Chairs Light Sculpture

The World Light Sculpture

Spider Light Sculpture



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