Incredible Underwater Sculptures

Jason De Caires Taylor - Space Invaders Cancun

I’m pretty terrified of water and fish, so I won’t visit these amazing submerged sculptures. These photos will do for now though. They look amazing.

I’ve always been fascinated and terrified by the ocean in equal measures. The oddities that hang about in their waters are intriguing and other worldly. Unfortunately I am 100% afraid of deep water and the animals within it. I love watching good ol’ Attenborough talking to me about the goings on below but I would never allow myself to descend in to the depths. Once I tried snorkeling off the back of a boat in Australia. I got ten metres (max) from the safety of the deck, my heart and lungs went in to overdrive and I thought I was going to spak right out. I imagined a huge set of jaws hurtling from the depths to chew me up. I turned straight back round and got back in the boat. Embarrassed and damp.

That is the sum total of my diving prowess. It’s a shame because this guy called Jason de Caires Taylor has made some amazing looking underwater sculpture parks. The images are creepy and a little unnerving if you ask me, but then you know how I feel about deep water and fish so I guess it won’t evoke the same feelings in everyone.

Jason De Caires Taylor - Ring - Cancun

The sculptures aren’t just cool to look at, they also serve an environmental purpose. They give a base for new coral and eventually new ecosystems for fish to inhabit. So whilst tourist divers and pleasure sailors busy themselves with smashing up the other reefs, they can find a safe haven here. In 50 to 100 years from now they will barely be recognisable as statues at all, as they become carpeted with fresh life.

Jason De Caires Taylor - Man On Fire Cancun

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