Isn’t it cool when stuff just gets made bigger!?

Board games are kinda cool I guess. I think they were more the kind of thing I would get involved in when I was younger, although I did have a good game of Diplomacy over Christmas on a hand made board i.e. the map drawn out on four pieces of paper stuck together. Aside from that I haven’t really had a desire to play a board game for a long time The Wire board game looked good anyway, even if it was just Monopoly but with the places in Monopoly changed to places from The Wire.

Life sized boardgames are kind of cool though. Here’s pictures of a bunch of them. Not sure if I would want to play any of them though, but it’s still kinda cool to check them out I guess. In these pictures/videos we’ve got a (these are in order for the retards among us): life sized game of operation, a life sized game of Scrabble, a life sized game of Monopoly, a life sized game of Mousetrap, a life sized game of Chess (with real human players OMG!), a life sized game of the royal game of Ur (what!?), a life sized game of Chinese Checkers and a life sized game of Battleships. Pretty cool huh? Gotta look at getting a few of these set up in my back garden.

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