‘Life On Mars’ Is Set To Return For A Third And Final Series, 13 Years After Last Episode

Some good news.

‘Life On Mars’ was one of the BBC’s biggest ever TV shows when it aired about 15 years ago and I assume that most of us thought it was gone for good given that the second season finished 13 years ago and we haven’t heard anything about it since.

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Turns out that’s completely wrong though as series creator Matthew Graham has announced that the gang will be back with a third and final series in the near future. People are questioning whether the statement is real as he made it on April Fool’s Day, but it was after midday and he’s insisted it isn’t a joke so I guess we have to believe him, right?

I mean it sounds like it’s real – there’s loads more tweets answering questions about it as well if you want to check them out – and I doubt he would go to all this trouble for some elaborate prank. Looks like everyone who was involved in the original is committed to coming back for this version as well to send it all off properly, which can only be positive news. Here’s hoping it lives up to the hype when we finally get to see it.

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