There’s Now A Device That Lets You Lick Your Cat Without Getting Hair On Your Tongue

Licki Brush


Everyone loves cats (well, most people) and a lot of us like nothing better than hanging around with our favourite pet on the couch, stroking them and watching TV or whatever.

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That’s cool, but apparently there are some people out there who want nothing more than to lick them to show them that extra love and affection by cleaning them in the way that their mothers did all those years ago. Never mind the fact that this is completely weird, but apparently one of the major problems with doing this is that you’re left with a mouthful of cat hair and nobody wants to be experiencing that.

There’s now a solution to that problem though and it’s called the Licki Brush. It’s literally a fake tongue that you can pop into your mouth and use to lick your cat whenever you want. It’s even got the scratchy, rough texture of an actual cat’s tongue so that your cat is going to really enjoy it and get its fur brushed as you’re licking it. Result.

Here’s a video of it in action:

Yeah, if you didn’t think that was weird when I was writing about it then surely you must after seeing that giant, disgusting looking tongue being put in the mouth of a bunch of weirdos who then proceed to lick their cats with it. What the hell are any of them thinking, seriously?

The fact that the video doesn’t even have any sound makes it even creepier. Here are 29 weird but ultimately useful inventions – not sure if the Licki Brush will ever be making it onto the list.


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