29 Weird But Ultimately Genius Inventions

Weird But Genius Inventions Featured

It’s unlikely you’ll ever say you’ll need any of these inventions, but after seeing them you’ll definitely want them.

Here’s the thing with good inventions – most of the time you don’t even realise you need them until they’re actually invented, then you can’t live without them. Did somebody say the internet? However, that isn’t the case with every invention, as you can see from the ones we’ve listed below. Although they’re all undoubtedly useful (OK, there’s a little doubt over some of them like the goal nets on the bottom of the chairs and the bread cutting table with holes that lead directly to a bird feeding table but hey, 10/10 for innovation even with those ones) there’s none of here that you would say that you can’t live your life without. They’re all just the kind of thing you might get if you had an unlimited budget and could just buy dumb shit and mess around with it all day. So I guess it’s the kind of stuff you would buy if you’re Mario Balotelli or Dan Bilzerian. Weird Yet Genius Inventions 1

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