Liam Payne Accused Of ‘Biphobia’ Over Lyrics To New Song ‘Both Ways’

Liam Payne just got ‘cancelled’ by the woke brigade.

Liam Payne’s new album ‘LP1’ is already being shat on by critics, so the last thing the former One Direction member needed was to get on the wrong side of the outrage mob due to his supposedly ‘problematic’ lyrics.

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Sure enough, Liam is currently on the receiving end of some serious backlash over the lyrics to new song ‘Both Ways’.

On the song, about a girl who ‘likes it both ways’, Liam sings:

Sharing that body like it’s our last meal. One and a two and a three, that’s for real.

Personally don’t see anything wrong with those lyrics but the cancel culture crew are taking issue with ‘the fetishisation of female bisexuality and non-heterosexuality from a straight, cisgender male’s perspective’. Sigh…

In fact, #LiamPayneIsOverParty is now trending on Twitter. Yikes:

Sorry but what a bunch of insufferable pussies. That one guy says he’s ‘scared’… why? Because Liam Payne sang some shit lyrics about shagging a bisexual person?

Just seems to me like there are too many people who are desperate to be seen as victims because believing they are part of an oppressed class makes them more interesting or something. I mean they don’t actually think the guy is ‘biphobic’, do they? Sounds like the opposite if anything.

Anyway, if a harmless pop star like Liam Payne from One Direction can be targeted by these activist types, then I guess no one is safe. Who will they go for next?

Then again, these are the same sorts of idiots who called Barack Obama ‘alt right’ because he told them to chill out with their woke activism. Lol.


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