People Are Saying Barack Obama Is ‘Alt-Right’ Because He Ripped Into ‘Woke’ Activism


‘Woke’ activism and certain aspects of social justice have gotten so insufferably annoying recently that even Barack Obama has come out this week to say something about it.

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During the speech he gave in Chicago, Obama advised young people to ‘get over’ being ‘woke’ and stop wasting so much time being social justice warriors, instead asking that they go out and better themselves and do something in the world:

Because anyone who doesn’t uncritically embrace every woke idea that comes their way must be alt-right, some people on Twitter turned on the former President:

Unreal. I mean you know things are out of control when even Barack Obama is admitting how excessive ‘woke’ culture has become, but the idea that anyone would think this now makes him alt-right or that he’s ‘catering’ to the alt-right is laugh out loud funny. Either way, good on him for coming out and saying something sensible on the matter.

After all, no one wants to live in a world where you can’t even clap for fear of triggering someone into a nervous breakdown… right?


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