Liam Neeson Can’t Be A Racist Because Look At The Way He Kissed Viola Davis In ‘Widows’

This settles it.

The Liam Neeson situation has caused a bit of a stir this week.

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On one hand, you’ve got this old Irish guy admitting that he once went around looking for a random black person to murder as a means to take revenge for his friend, but on the other hand the only reason he brought up the story was to explain that it was an idiotic, prejudiced way of thinking that he no longer encourages.

He also reasoned that if it was a member of any other race that raped his friend, he would have gone out looking to murder a member of that race too. So it’s not like he discriminates by race, because he’s happy to kill anyone.

Well Michelle Rodriguez of Fast & Furious fame once starred alongside Neeson in the film ‘Widows’, and she reckons there’s no way Neeson is a racist because of the passionate, sensual kiss he had with black co-star Viola Davis.

Watch below:

Wow, what an amazing interracial kiss. You just can’t fake chemistry like that. OK maybe you can and obviously it’s perfectly possible for someone to be prejudiced against a race but be friendly with them, find them attractive and/or kiss them realistically, but still, this may be a decent added defence of Neeson if anyone accuses him of being a racist again.

Not that anyone should of course, both Oprah Winfrey and John Barnes have already explained exactly why you are a fool if you believe Liam Neeson is a racist based off the story he told.


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