Liam Gallagher Gets Furious After Someone Threw A Fish At Him On Stage (VIDEO)

Liam Gallagher

Easy Liam.

Liam Gallagher is well known for his regular onstage banter and voracious temper and this was once again on display at the weekend during the Benicassim Festival over in Spain.

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Liam was ready to bust into Oasis classic ‘Cigarettes And Alcohol’ when he noticed that somebody had thrown a fish onto the stage for some reason. Anyway, Liam obviously wasn’t happy about this development and decided to stop the set and go on a legendary expletive filled rant about the fish before he decided to continue with the song:

Yeah you wouldn’t really expect anything less from the man would you? Apparently whoever threw the fish onto the stage did so because there were some issues with the sound at the show and you can kinda appreciate that if you watch the whole video of the song, but you can’t really blame a band for that because there’s a load of different factors that go into how a band sound at a festival that you often don’t really have any control of as the lead singer. Give the guy a break and don’t throw a fish at him FFS.

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