Liam Gallagher Fans Lift Up Man In Wheelchair Over Crowd So They Can See Him Sing Wonderwall

Michael Reynolds

Sometimes the world is OK.

It’s often said that you experience some of the greatest sense of unity in the world when you’re at a concert bellowing out your favourite song with your mates and this can be epitomised beautifully in the video below.

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30 year old Michael Reynolds has been in a wheelchair for five years after he broke his back in a motocross race, but understandably didn’t want to be stuck in the disabled area for the Liam Gallagher show – he wanted to be with his mates. So he braved it out into the middle of the standing area with them but obviously couldn’t actually see that much of the gig due to his disability.

Never you mind though, because when Liam started to belt out one of Oasis’ most loved songs ‘Wonderwall’, Michael’s mates tried to pick up his wheelchair and lift him above their heads so they could see the man in all his glory. Having spotted they were having a bit of trouble lifting him up though, about twenty other people came to their aid, enabling Michael to sit high above the crowd and finally see his hero play one of his favourite songs.

It really was a beautiful moment – here’s what Michael himself had to say about it:

Obviously, there was the disabled area, but there were 15 of us and I am the only one in a wheelchair.

But I couldn’t see, I ended up just listening to it. My mates had the idea of lifting me up. Suddenly, there were 20 lads all helping. Everyone was loving it.

It was really positive. The atmosphere was unbelievable. Everyone was really helping.

You couldn’t fault the crowd at all, it was just people being positive wanting to help.

It really is great to know that people are sitll acting like this when most of what you hear these days is about people being absolute dickheads to each other. News even got back to Liam Gallagher who decided to pay tribute to the moment, tweeting the following:

Couldn’t have summed it up better myself. Don’t ever change Liam.

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