Liam Gallagher Is Claiming That Noel Is Trying To Sue Him For Using Footage Of Oasis Songs


These two are never going to quit it.

Everybody knows that Liam and Noel Gallagher absolutely despise each other and even though it’s entirely predictable, it’s still always a lot of fun when they start sniping at each other in the media.

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The latest episode of their feud revolves around footage of Oasis songs that Liam has been singing that he wants to include in his new music documentary As You Were. Apparently if Liam and his team use any footage of him recently singing Oasis songs at his solo gigs, then Noel and their old management company Ignition are threatening to sue him.

It was all revealed via Laim’s favoured method of communication Twitter:

Sounds pretty petty doesn’t it but then I suppose that’s the Gallagher brothers all over. Probably will be a bit of a shame if the footage from the One Love Concert isn’t included as it was a fairly iconic moment for Gallagher and the city of Manchester and it seems kinda stupid for Noel to get so butthurt over something that was actually pretty heartwarming and serious after that terrorist attack, but like I said, that’s just the Gallagher brothers isn’t it? Typical.

For more of the same, did you know that Liam isn’t even his real name? Seriously.


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