Lewis Capaldi Pissed Himself On Stage Last Night Whilst Trying To Hit A High Note

Wouldn’t see Noel Gallagher doing that.

Lewis Capaldi is being heralded as the next great British singer songwriter and despite the fact that some of his songs are pretty catchy, many people are thinking this because he’s just got such a down to Earth everyman attitude and this can once again be seen in the incident featured in this article.

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Lewis was appearing at the Edinburgh Summer Sessions last night in front of 6000 people, when he decided that he had pissed his pants when he was trying to hit a high note amd chose to announce it to the whole crowd. He explained that he had been drinking a lot of water in the run up to the gig to make sure that his vocal chords stayed in good shape and that he was also hydrated, but this meant that when he was trying to hit those high notes, a tiny bit of wee escaped out of his penis and into his pants.

Of course, he didn’t need to tell anyone he did that but it’s just so Lewis Capaldi and affable for him to do so, so he casually dropped it out. His PR team might have even come up with the ploy before the gig, who knows?

Isn’t he just so relatable? Whether it’s real or fake it’s working and the guy is set to become the next Ed Sheeran probably if he can keep it all together and not let it all go to his head. Best of luck to him, although he might wanna stop drinking so much before he heads on stage.

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