Watch This Lesbian Get Kicked Out Of A Bathroom For Not Looking Enough Like A Woman

Bang out of order.

The video below featuring a young woman being forcibly removed from a women’s bathroom by police has gone viral in the wake of North Carolina’s transgender bathroom laws.

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While the video itself wasn’t filmed in North Carolina, it would suggest that in some parts of America the controversy extends to tomboyish lesbians also.

Watch below:

Well that is definitely fucked up because this person is very clearly a female. Maybe you’d think she was male from a distance but upon closer inspection there’s no way you could confuse her as anything other than female. How both male and female police standing right in front her couldn’t see that is beyond me.

She might’ve pulled out her tits/vag to prove it to them but that’d surely open up a whole other can of worms. Sometimes you just can’t win no matter what you do.

Don’t worry though LGBT community, Trump’s got your back.


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