Leonardo DiCaprio’s Latest Project Will Take You Back To Your Childhood

Leonardo DiCaprio

I suppose this was inevitable.

What do you get when you combine Leonardo DiCaprio’s unending involvement with environmental issues and everyone who grew up in the 90s’s obsession with nostalgia? You got it – a Captain Planet movie.

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In what seems like a move that was always inevitable now that it has actually happened, Leo has announced that his production company Appian Way Productions is working on a Captain Planet movie, possibly in a joint venture with Paramount. There aren’t any more details right now, but newcomer Jono Matt and Scream Queens’ Glen Powell will write the script.

That’s it, but here’s an old clip of Captain Planet for you to jog your memory:

I mean yeah, that looks even stupider than I remember it. Was it just me or did the guy with the power of heart get the rough end of it all? He doesn’t even get a little bit of his power demonstrated in the credits. Gotta feel for the guy – hopefully the new writers will get him something better to do.

If this does end up getting made then it’s probably going to be the most unsubtle movie of all time. Could still be good for a drinking game or to watch when you’re really high though. Or maybe they’ll actually turn it into a decent movie like the Power Rangers reboot. Wait and see.


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