Leonardo DiCaprio Is So Desperate For An Oscar He’s Resorted To Sleeping Inside Animal Carcasses


Leo is one ruthless son of a bitch.

I know you’re praying that you misread the title of this article, or else that your morbid curiosity hadn’t bought you here in the first place, but unfortunately it’s true.

A crew member previously told reporters that the shooting of Leo’s latest film, The Revenant, was a ‘living hell’, taking place in blizzards and all sorts. But now DiCaprio has opened up himself, and it’s pretty grim stuff.

It’s probably fair to assume he’s willing to do most things for an Oscar at this point, but dude, sleeping inside a dead animal? I don’t even understand how that would work. Did he just cut the thing open and lay his little head down on the liver like a bloody pillow before nodding off for his 8 hours? Apparently not, because he ate the liver. Yes, ate it. Raw. This guy is ruthless.

Speaking about the scene in an interview Leo said:

I certainly don’t eat raw bison liver on a regular basis.

Oh well that’s alright then, mate. Once in a while won’t do any harm.

You might think this was one of those things that escalates, like when you say you’ll have one drink with the squad on Friday night and then you end up in work on Monday morning in Friday’s clothes with an ultragurn and severe bout of depression. Leo probably had no clue what he was getting himself in for, right? Nah.

The truth is that I knew what I was getting into. This was a film that had been floating around for quite some time, but nobody was crazy enough to really take this on, simply because of the logistics of where we needed to shoot and the amount of work and rehearsal that would have to be done to achieve Alejandro’s vision.

I guess Rihanna got off lightly when the actor gave her the boot. Now, someone give him that Oscar before he cuts the judges open and harvests their innards.


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