Leonardo DiCaprio Reportedly Cheered As Orlando Bloom Tried To Punch Justin Bieber

Leonardo DiCaprio Cheers Orlando Bloom Punching Justin Bieber

As if he could crush life any harder.

As if Leonardo DiCaprio could crush life any harder, he did as he managed to get wrapped up in the whole Orlando Bloom trying to punch Justin Bieber thing that happened over in Ibiza earlier this week.

Justin Bieber Orlando Bloom Instagram Picture

A ‘former Spanish journalist’ named Anastasia Skolkova was at Cipriani on Tuesday night/morning and has decided to pipe up about DiCaprio’s antics during the incident. Apparently he was sitting at Orlando Bloom’s table, and then when the shit hit the fan he was practically whooping and flipping out about it. So was everyone in the club apparently, as they all stood up and started applauding and shrieking.

It was definitely DiCaprio who was the most vocal though. Which all just goes to prove even harder that nobody has had a better summer than Leo this year.

What an absolute killer.


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