Leo DiCaprio’s Russian Doppelganger Is Starring In A New Vodka Commercial (VIDEO)

Life = made.

Roman Burtsev, a 33-year-old technical support manager from Moscow who went viral previously because he looks like a fat version of Leo DiCaprio, has managed to monetise his fame – by starring in this advert for Five Lakes vodka.

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Naturally, the ad plays on the fact that he looks like the Oscar-winning superstar.

As the camera pans out, a voiceover explains that everything in the scene is fake – fake Leo, fake BMW, fake iPhone, fake girlfriend. BUT… the vodka is real. Boom.

Just goes to show the power of Leo DiCaprio once again. The guy is so fucking famous that a fat Russian guy who sort of looks like him is now famous too. OK maybe this Russian bloke isn’t that famous but he’s famous enough to land his own vodka advert and get paid for it.

Way better than being Ed Sheeran’s doppelganger, that’s for sure.


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