Leo DiCaprio Had An A+ Reaction To Lady Gaga Barging Past Him At The Golden Globes

Did Leo DiCaprio just end Lady Gaga’s career?

It doesn’t matter how big of a superstar you are or how many awards you’ve won, when Leo DiCaprio gives you the side-eye for barging past him you are well and truly done for.

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Gaga wasn’t really looking where she was going at the Golden Globes last night as she smashed into Leo’s elbow and interrupted whatever (blatantly incredible) anecdote he was discussing with the person next to him.

Here’s Leo’s reaction:

Fatality. As a celebrity the last person you want looking at you like you’re a freak and an inconvenience is Leo DiCaprio – just ask Justin Bieber. Leo almost ended his career by simply refusing to hang out with him. Gaga’s lucky to have got away with this one.

P.S. What happened to bat shit crazy Gaga who used to make weird NSFW videos and dress up as a giant chicken nugget in public? I know we used to make fun out of her for it but I miss that Gaga. Normal Lady Gaga’s shit.


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