Leo DiCaprio Is Going Out With Joey Essex’s Model Ex-Girlfriend

leo dicaprio roxy horner

Slight upgrade from her side.

It’s literally been days since we wrote about Leo DiCaprio making and winning a bet that he could bang six models per night in Cannes and now it looks like he’s already moved onto his next conquest – and it’s with Joey Essex’s model ex-girlfriend Roxy Horner.

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According to reports, he’s so into her that he literally flew to the UK earlier this week just to go clubbing with her. An unnamed source said:

Leo didn’t leave Roxy’s side.

After the club they headed to the Chiltern, where a number of onlookers said the pair looked extremely cosy together.

Roxy is a really sweet, caring normal girl. She’s naturally stunning and she has a lot in common with Leo.

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The two became close after meeting in LA earlier this year and now they’re all over each other apparently.

Thing is, I just want to know how you make the leap from Joey Essex to Leo DiCaprio. She’s literally gone from dating the dumbest cunt in the country to going out with an internationally renowned, intelligent, legendary actor. Bet she’s enjoying having a proper conversation for once rather than just staring at a tanned plank of wood. Good on her.

Roxy horner

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With the rate Leo’s going, he’s going to run out of models to bang pretty soon. Maybe once he’s done that he’ll just start building an empire of sex robots to get it on with instead. You may think that’s a crazy statement but with the way things are progressing, this might be closer to becoming a reality than you think.


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