Leo DiCaprio Spotted Getting Cosy With 19-Year-Old Model Eden Polani

They get younger and younger.

Everyone knows that 48-year-old Leo DiCaprio only dates women in their early 20s and dumps them as soon as they hit around 25, but it looks like he may be going even younger still after cosying up with 19-year-old model Eden Polani.

The two were seen enjoying each other’s company at a party in LA, despite the 29-year-age gap…

Eden Polani is so young that she was in high school when COVID-19 hit, so it really would be something if near-50-year-old Leo actually has his eyes set on the girl. Obviously there’s nothing illegal about it and Eden is old enough to make her own decisions, but when you’re a teenager dating someone 2.5x your age, some people may find that a little nonce-esque. Just saying.

In any case, going off Leo’s Law, Eden doesn’t need to worry about Leo ditching her any time soon. She’s only 19 which means she has 5 or 6 years (potentially) before Leo trades her in for a younger model. She’s basically got her whole life ahead of her! Enjoy it while it lasts, I guess…

Previously, people were stunned when Leo was said to have his eyes on 27-year-old Gigi Hadid. 27! That turned out to be a false alarm, though.


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