Husband Of Woman Who Cheated On Him With Leo DiCaprio Kills Himself

Leo’s sexual indiscretions claim their first casualty.

Andrew Stern – the husband of ‘Deal Or No Deal’ suitcase model Katie Cleary (pictured clubbing with Leo) – shot himself in the head at a shooting range in San Francisco last week after hearing his wife had been hooking up with Leo and, on another occasion, Entourage actor Adrian Grenier.

Police interviewed Katie after the incident, and she admitted her husband was suffering “significant stress over marital problems”. No shit.

Leonardo DiCaprio At The Gotha Club in Cannes

Obviously this is a touchy subject because Leo’s a cool dude but someone has just killed themselves over his sexual indiscretions, and that’s not cool at all. Not saying it’s his fault, but let’s face it –  he could have had his pick of any women at that party; why go for the married one?

We will say though that this is pretty much proof that being the most baller fucker on the planet, you need to be more responsible. Naturally you’re going to cause some broken hearts along the way but completely wrecking people’s marriages and lives? Just beyond terrible that it went to this extreme. RIP dude.


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