Watch This Documentary About A Guy Who Has Had His Penis Enlarged So Much It No Longer Fits In His Pants (NSFW)

German Man Penis Modifications

It’s nine inches long, three inches wide and weighs seven pounds.

We regularly talk about people who have modified their bodies in completely weird ways here on Sick Chirpse – check out these synthol addicts and these body modifications from the Venezuela Tattoo Convention – but this definitely ranks up there with the weirdest. We try not to judge (most of the time) but I just can’t imagine what this guy is thinking as he’s injected silicon into his dick to give himself a nine inch long, three inch wide and seven pound penis.

His name is Micha and he’s from Germany and of course as soon as Vice found out that he existed they had to follow him around for a bit and make a movie about him and his everyday life. It also opened up the whole underground subculture of penis pumps and penis modifications for them to investigate, so they also visit a plastic surgeon who specialises in these kind of procedures, the offices of an online penis pump retailer and a dominatrix who gives saline injections to men so they can temporarily enjoy having humongous dicks.

Needless to say it’s a pretty weird documentary but strangely fascinating. Enjoy.

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