Little Mix Star’s Family Are Begging Her To Stop Posting NSFW Photos On Instagram

She just can’t stop posting NSFW photos.

It wasn’t that long ago that Little Mix star Leigh-Anne Pinnock had her nudes hacked and leaked to the world, but she has arguably responded to this violation in the best way possible by flooding her own Instagram with NSFW content ever since.

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Here are some recent examples:

What a way to make use of this glorious weather we’re having! 28-year-old Leigh-Ann’s family don’t quite approve though, as she told The Mirror:

I posted the picture and my mum was like, ‘Leigh- Anne! A bit much.

She also got a telling off from her sisters…

Now I feel really bad. At the same time… I feel people have done worse.

Hey she’s got a point there. Leigh-Anne then rationalised the whole idea of sexualisation as a social construct that shouldn’t necessarily apply to her:

I love it because I’m not rolling out of clubs or taking drugs. I just don’t do things like that.

[Little Mix] don’t necessarily have to try to be role models, we do it naturally.

Boobs are lumps of fat. Who sexualised them? I feel like it’s your body, do what the f*** you want with it.

That’s the spirit! With that kind of attitude there’ll no doubt be more of the same coming our way via Leigh-Ann’s IG. At a glance, she seems to have taken a short break from posting bikini shots in favour of sharing black squares and quotes denouncing racism, but no doubt we’ll soon be back to our regularly scheduled programming. Go Leigh-Ann Go!

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