Street Footage Shows Leicester City Hooligans Rioting Through Madrid

Football riot

It’s coming home.

Leicester City fans taunted their Spanish rivals in the Plaza Major, Madrid ahead of the Champions League tie against Atletico Madrid last night.

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Police dressed in riot gear had to intercept the fights and break them up with smoke bombs and flares. Footage has now emerged showing the rowdy Leicester fans shouting, “you Spanish bastards, Gibraltar is ours”.

Eight Leicester city fans were arrested for causing mayhem ahead of the match. According to the BBC, the supporters were taken to custody on Tuesday evening and will appear in court today.

Owynn Palmer-Atkin, a witness who was at the riots, said:

There was a couple of flares that went off – blue smoke, then a bang, and that is when you heard the tone of the chanting change.

The noise of the crowd seem to quieten and then become more of a panic.

There was another bang and that is when the riot vans started charging across the square. I find it incredible a police van would travel that fast in a crowded square.

Another day, another football riot ending in tears (and prison sentences). England fans might feel brave enough to take on the Spanish, but I’m intrigued to see what happens when they’re faced with Russian hooligans at the World Cup 2018 – sounds like they’re got a world of pain in store for the English. Gulp.


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