These LEGO Shaped Burgers Look Absolutely Incredible


LEGO never looked so appetising.

If you’re one of those kids that used to enjoy putting LEGO blocks in your mouth and chewing them, then you’re absolutely going to love this post. I figure that pretty much accounts for everyone in the world, so we’re off to a good start.

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The aptly named Brick Burgers over in the Philippines has a new way of serving burgers to the public: inside two buns that look like LEGO blocks. You can get red, yellow and black with the familiar top nubs on both the bottom and top of your burger. Unfortunately you can’t interlock the buns just yet – that probably would be too good to be true.

Brick Burger 1

Brick Burger 2

The idea all comes from owner and LEGO enthusiast Jergs Correa’s and it isn’t just the burgers that are LEGO themed – the whole restaurant is too. That means that the menu and decor is stuffed with LEGO boxes and figures and you can even play with sets whilst you wait for your food to arrive, although I bet a couple of crucial pieces are missing – they always are in communal sets.

The floor, lights and even the little tray that the bill comes in are made of LEGO blocks too. The place has only been open since 2016 but apparently has been a roaring success since then, which isn’t something I find too hard to believe. Wish there was something like this over here.

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