VIDEO: Insane LEGO Device Plays Acid House Live

Acid House LEGO

We’ve seen some crazy shit done with LEGO on Sick Chirpse but this might be the best yet. This machine is insane.

This is probably the most creative use of LEGO ever, and what people should be doing when they’re messing around with LEGO buying mini figures or creating Star Wars or other movie tie in franchises because it’s totally fucking cool.

The guy is a PhD student and coder called Alex Allmont and he decided to put together a weird LEGO contraption that played acid house for a far out music festival in Oxford called AudioGraft. He explained that it plays sounds based on the drums and notes particular to the Roland TB303 – which is the synth responsible for that signature acid house sound in case you didn’t know.

Alex also explained that his LEGO acid house was not about ‘the white-gloves-and-whistles sort of acid house, but the more spatial stuff, inspired by artists like Plastikman and Basic Channel’ which probably means something to a few people reading this but doesn’t really have any relevance to me.

The original version of the device also used actual drums – with LEGO robots banging them – although this wasn’t featured on the finished version which is a bit lame. You can see it in action below and if you’re a real geek check out a detailed walkthrough of how it was made as well.

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