The LEGO Batman Trailer Just Dropped And Is Obviously Completely Awesome

Lego Batman

Of course it’s awesome.

If you missed the LEGO movie a couple of years ago then I feel sorry and advise you to watch it immediately – even though it’s a LEGO movie it’s actually got a great story and is surprisingly hilarious.

If you’re not a complete idiot then you will have seen it and you’ll know that LEGO Batman was easily one of the dumbest and funniest characters to feature in it, perfectly sending up the traditional image of Batman as a no nonsense super genius fighter. As such, it only makes sense that LEGO have decided to give him his own movie, the first trailer of which you can see below.

Needless to say, it continues this fine tradition and looks completely awesome:

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See what I mean? OK, it’s just LEGO Batman being really stupid sure, but if they make a whole movie of that then I’m definitely going to be happy.

Kind of a bummer we have to wait until next year for it though. Why not pass the time playing this LEGO version of Breaking Bad?


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