Legendary Metal Band Sepultura Covered Firestarter In Honour Of Keith Flint And It Was Wild



I’m not the biggest fan of metal music but I know that when it comes to seminal bands Sepultura is right up there at the top of the list, so it was great to see them bust out a tribute to Keith Flint following his suicide last week.

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The band were playing at the prestigious Rock In Rio festival last weekend and decided to bring in about 30 extra drummers for their cover of heavy metal cover of Firestarter and it was something else that’s for sure. Never really heard or imagine the song being played like this and although it’s hardly an improvement on the original they definitely made it their own which is great to see:

OK so whilst trying to find this video I discovered that the Facebook page that posted it and said that it was a tribute to Keith Flint wouldn’t let me embed it on this page, so then I had to find it on YouTube and it turns out that the video was from last year and it wasn’t a specific tribute to Keith Flint. Sepultura also recorded a cover of it back in 2011 so it wasn’t even a special out of the box occasion or anything and is probably in their setlist all the time.

Still, I kinda liked the idea of hearing it as a tribute to Keith so here we are. It’s pretty awesome and again mad respect to the The Prodigy and Keith for making songs like this that were respected and adored by so many people all over the world in different genres of music. RIP.

For more of the same, sign the petition to erect a statue of Keith in his hometown of Braintree.


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