Some guys came out with a Legend of Zelda parody rap video which actually isn’t that terrible, because let’s face it the whole concept sounds completely awful.

Everybody who grew up in the 90’s loves the Legend of Zelda right? Everyone spent way too much time riding that horse across Hyrule Field, trying to get out of the Deku Tree, using the grappling hook, playing that ocarina, travelling through time and doing your best to collect the rupees, the triforce and heart containers. Way too much time.

Those games were really long, especially if you wanted to get 100% completion. I don’t think I ever even managed to complete one. Except maybe A Link to the Past on the Gameboy, I think I actually completed that one. All the others were just too long and I just ended up getting bored and not wanting to play them because even though I had played them for like 20 hours I was nowhere near finishing them. That didn’t stop me picking up the new Legend of Zelda every time a new game came out though. Wind Waker, Majora’s Mask, Ocarina of Time, I had them all man. Maybe I should go back and finish them.

Anyway this isn’t an article about me talking about old video games I used to love (I’ll let CzechTiger do that), it’s about a new Zelda rap video that has come out. Normally I hate stupid parody rap videos like this but for some reason I found this one pretty funny, probably because he’s rapping about Zelda and Link and heart containers and rupees and special wallets and stuff. Some of the lyrics are pretty terrible and the video is kind of crappy too but on some level it just works for me. I guess it’s just the whole being a geek/Zelda thing.

Oh yeah, the best thing about it is that it uses an track from Ocarina of Time as the backing track. It’s the same one as one of the ones on the Ocarina of Rhyme (you know that cool mash up record that mashes up famous rap songs with Zelda songs) but I think this is a lot better than that – I didn’t feel like a lot of the raps really flowed that well with the Zelda music whereas on this the rap was actually composed to the beat. The whole thing is kinda stupid but you know, Zelda is cool so just roll with it.

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