Left Boy is a whiteboy hipster rapper from New York who raps about getting high over 8 bit samples from video games.

Left Boy sent us a really nice email asking us to post up his new video for his track ‘Jack Sparrow.’ Left Boy is a whiteboy from New York who raps about getting high over an 8 bit backing track. I wasn’t sure if it was serious or not to begin with but I think it is as Left Boy has over 6000 likes on his Facebook page and a (slightly less impressive) 450ish fans on the official Left Boy twitter page, so I guess he’s on to something and there seems to be somewhat of a strong Left Boy fan base out there. Either that or Left Boy’s really good at manipulating the internet or something.

Left Boy told us in the bio  that he sent us that he had ‘omitted all the juicy stuff and we had to find that out ourselves’ but there doesn’t seem to be that much written about Left Boy on the internet yet surprisingly so I’m just gonna have to tell you what I know about him from his own bio. Left Boy’s real name is the spectacular Ferdinand Sarnitz – which is probably a better stage name than Left Boy – and he started off as a beatboxer in Manhattan at the age of 16. Now he lives in Brooklyn and is 22 years old and is a singer/rapper/music producer. His bio tells us that Left Boy released his first mix tape in Dec 2010 which was well received within the underground hip hop community due to its great use of samples from anyone to The Beatles to Blind Faith.

His new track and first ever video Jack Sparrow sounds to me like it’s using a theme tune from an old Zelda game or something. The video is pretty standard with Left Boy wearing a bunch of dumb outfits as his slightly mumbling/slightly singing/slightly rapping white boy delivery  is accompanied by some graphics of the words he’s saying. The video kind of implies Left Boy might just might become the king of all white boy swag hipsters. Left Boy certainly looks the part in this video wearing an assortment of different outfits and experiencing situations that get progressively stupider throughout the Jack Sparrow video.

I’m not really that into hip hop but this is kinda cool I guess. I mean I listened to it a few times. My favourite part of the Jack Sparrow video though is probably the extended credits at the end which explain who contributed everything in the two minute video. More music videos should probably do that. Check out the Left Boy – Jack Sparrow video below and let me know what you think. Could Left Boy be the latest white boy hipster rapper? He probably stands a better chance than Joaquin Phoenix whatever happens.


You can also download the song here

Leftboy – Jack Sparrow

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