Leave Campaign Warns Of ‘Orlando Style Atrocity’ Should Brexit Not Occur

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Does anybody have a clue how to act following a mass shooting?

Following on from absolutely terrible reactions from the Westboro Baptist Church and the father of the shooter, the Leave.EU Campaign has also decided to post something completely inappropriate in the wake of the Orlando shootings.

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You can see the meme that was posted on their Twitter account above, and I’m sure you’ll instantly know why this is irresponsible and inappropriate as almost everything that it mentions and the imagery contained within it are completely unassociated with each other. Most government officials and social media users were quick to condemn the image with Iain Duncan Smith pointing out that the Vote Leave campaign is the official government Brexit campaign and that Leave.EU aren’t actually associated with it. Of course, he also got some pro-Brexit rhetoric in his statement but that’s to be expected:

Iain Duncan Smith

All I would say to you is that Europol has made the point to the Home Secretary quite recently that unless we control migration there are threats to security, that’s a fact of life, but I’m not going to get involved in peculiar tweets that go out from other organisations that I don’t sign up to.

I think it is completely pointless to try and make something out of what is a tragedy in America.

It has nothing to do with this debate at all, and I abhor anybody who tries to make capital out of that.

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I mean yeah, fair play for saying that. Unfortunately some people probably are going to see that tweet/image and think that they need to vote out in order to stop terrorist attacks happening in Britain because they’re idiots. Let’s see if that one works morons.

If you missed it earlier, check out this chilling Snapchat footage from inside the Orlando massacre.


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