Here’s All You Need To Know About Lean – Rap’s Most Wanted New Drug

Lean Drug

Codeine cough syrup mixed with soda.

I’m not gonna lie – I hadn’t ever heard of Lean until I saw an article on another website about it. Turns out that it’s rap’s most wanted drug and this stems from its inclusion in several new artist’s songs and music videos.

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Lean is a pretty simple concept – it’s just prescription strength codeine syrup combined with soda – but our friends over at VICE decided to look into it in the documentary below. It’s fifteen minutes long but well worth your time watching to learn about this weird new drug and the culture surrounding it:

Eye opening stuff hey. I guess the next question is just how we get a hold of some over here hey? Although I’m not sure I’m ready to get involved with any of that, never say never. YOLO.

For more drugs, check out this club drug dealer giving the lowdown on his whole operation. Maybe ask him if he’s got any lean hey?


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