Watch This Club Drug Dealer Give You The Lowdown On His Operation

Drug Dealer

Not as glamorous as it might sound.

Dealing drugs often sounds like it’s going to be a glamorous business, but in reality it’s nothing like Scarface if you listen to this guy’s portrayal of it.

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The unidentified dealer was speaking to BBC 3 and decided to detail his whole operation and an average night for him. Watch and learn:

Pretty smart guy huh? Love the way he calls the people that buy his drugs ‘clients’ too. All business for this dude.

Sounds like he’s a genuinely nice guys too with the way he wants to make people ‘happy all time’ and he’s looking out for his depressive mates too. Probably need to get his number to be honest.

For more of the same, check out this drug dealer getting rid of a balloon in the best way possible when he gets pulled over by the cop. Legend.


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