Leaked WhatsApp Messages Show Tory Activists Discussing ‘Gassing Chavs’

Hitler youth.

A young Tory campaign group has been forced to apologise after disturbing leaked WhatsApp messages show them joking about “gassing chavs” and “shooting peasants”.

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The Tory-supporting group called Activate was launched yesterday as a “professional discussion board” for activists communicating about how to help the Tories win the election in the way Momentum has done for Jeremy Corbyn. Instead it descended into a string of jokes about eliminating poor people. Classic Tory behaviour right there.

One message suggested using chavs as substitutes for animals when testing and when things got really out of hand, one person warned, “we gotta be careful otherwise this is turning into a Nazi chat.”

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The messages were leaked onto right wing website Guido Fawkes, which as you can seen in the messages below, was a fear of one of the members:

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A spokesman for Activate apologised and told Guido:

None of the people included in those messages currently have any seniority with the organisation.

We are working on ensuring that the people in question are removed from the group as a whole, if still members.

They were banned from the WhatsApp group in question when comments like this were made.

The comments were sickening and are totally incompatible with what Activate is trying to achieve.

We apologise for any offence that has been caused by the people in question. And stress our commitment to open discussion about the future of our party and country.

Too little, too late guys. They were trying to mimic Momentum, whose group of young members played a crucial role in campaigning for Corbyn’s victory in the general election. Obviously this was going to flop because seriously, how are you going to inspire young people about Theresa May and her party? But I don’t think anyone predicted that the kids would start talking as if they were planning the Fourth Reich. Looks like the only thing Activate has activated is hate speech and controversy. Nice work guys.

While we’re on the subject, check out this horrific video showing a Cambridge student burning a £20 in front of a homeless man. Disgusting behaviour.


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