Disturbing Leaked Video Shows ‘Cash Me Outside’ Girl Getting Beaten By Her Mum

Leaked video

Behind closed doors.

The ‘Cash me outside’ girl, 13-year-old Danielle Bregoli, rose to fame thanks to her appearance on a recent Dr. Phil episode.

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As many of you know, in the episode Danielle threatens to beat up members of the audience, but a new video that has emerged online appears to explain where this angst and violence all stems from – her own mother.

In the video, which comes from an anonymous source, the mum can be seen pulling Danielle by the hair and hitting her against the ground. I knew there was something dodgy about the mum. She might have given it the ‘meek mother’ act on the show, but it appears that they’re both as bad as each other. The only issue is that Danielle is only 13 years of age:

She’s really going for it there. As said, you can see where Danielle gets her attitude from with a home life like that.

Hopefully she can soon use her millions to get out of that house for good.


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