Leaked Prison Footage Shows Lag Completing ‘Dare’ For A Drag Of Spice

Prisoner tumble drier

Desperate times.

A video that has allegedly been filmed in the laundry room of the HMP Liverpool shows a lag taking a spin in a tumble dryer.

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He apparently took part in the game in exchange for a hit of the synthetic marijuana Spice. Worth it?

To be fair, he seems to find the whole thing amusing, despite the fact that he could get stuck inside a potentially life-threatening death trap. We’ve all seen ‘Final Destination’ right? You shouldn’t tempt fate, but then again if you’re desperate for some drugs and the other guys are desperate for some entertainment, what else are you going to do?

That’s the exact type of banter you’d expect from a sixth form common room. Apparently this is becoming pretty commonplace in UK jails – just check out this similar video that was posted last month:

As said, when entertainment is scarce, I guess you’ve got to make your own. That’s probably why these prisoners decided to start their own Fight Club.


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