Leaked Footage Shows Two Prisoners Forcing Another One At Knifepoint To Bend Over And Get Spanked

Threatened With Knife

Prison is a weird place.

We all know that some very weird homoerotic stuff goes on in prison – just watch any movie or TV series about it – but I didn’t realise that some downright weird stuff goes down as well.

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Case in point with the video below. It comes courtesy of a prisoner in Clair County Correctional Facility, Alabama who decided to upload the footage to his Facebook profile (how did he do that?) and let everyone know what life on the inside was like for him.

It’s kind of a cross between bizarre and truly disturbing as the prisoner and his mate threaten another one with a massive knife in his cell, forcing him to bend over and get hit on his bare buttocks with what looks like some kind of paddle or piece of wood or something. It’s really messed up, especially when you consider how gross and dangerous that knife looks:

See what I mean? If that were me I would just be bricking it that as soon as I bent over they were going to stick that knife up my ass, but he seems more worried about getting hit with that piece of wood. Very, very strange video, but it probably again reiterates that I never, ever want to go to prison under an circumstances.

If you’re worried about the guy in the video, don’t be because the Alabama police are conducting an investigation into the video. Should be able to rest easy as I’m sure they’ll get to the bottom of that pronto.

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