Leaked Document Reveals Theresa May Still Has No Idea What To Do About Brexit

Theresa May

Well that’s promising.

A leaked report has shown that Theresa May’s Government has no coherent plan for the UK’s departure from the European Union and due to the immense workload it involves, they would need to hire up to 30,000 new civil servants. And that simply wouldn’t be possible.

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The document obtained by The Times called ‘Brexit Update’, which is understood to have been prepared for the Cabinet Office by a consultant, says that the hiring process has been stalled due to threats from the Cabinet Office and Treasury that the departments would have to make existing budgets in order to cover the cost. The report said:

Despite extended debate among permanent secretaries, no common strategy has emerged.

It adds that the 500 or so Brexit-related projects were “beyond the capacity and capability” of the current government.


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Every department has developed a ‘bottom-up’ plan of what the impact of Brexit could be – and its plan to cope with the ‘worst case’.

Although necessary, this falls considerably short of having a ‘government plan for Brexit because it has no prioritisation and no link to the overall negotiation strategy.

The government has in fact responded and said that they “don’t recognise the claims” made in it, while Theresa May continues with her plan to trigger Article 50of the EU treaties to begin the process of leaving the bloc by April. Despite this, there are many calls from MPs for a second referendum on the terms of Britain’s departure.

It all just seems like a big old mess really, doesn’t it? I would be surprised if the claims in this report are true, although it was clearly made to consider the worst case scenario – in this case, Theresa May’s Government don’t actually have a clue what they’re doing. If it does go ahead without a second referendum, then there’s no doubt about it – May’s going to have a hefty job on her hand. Even Boris Johnson could see that – hence why he refused to run for Prime Minister.


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