Armie Hammer’s Leaked DMs Reveal He Likes Drinking Blood, Rape Fantasies And Thinks He’s A Cannibal


When I woke up this morning it looked like it was going to be all doom and gloom stories again this week, but thankfully Armie Hammer has decided to give us some respite from this by having his DMs leaked and revealing that he’s into drinking blood, rape fantasies and thinks that he’s a cannibal.

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Hammer was trending on Twitter last night after the leaked DMs from a woman who he was involved were published on the site. There’s some debate over whether or not they’re actually true as some people are saying that they’re doctored and there’s also another screenshot of the woman who posted them saying that she admits to faking the whole thing, although confusingly people are also claiming that that one is faked too (I’ve enclosed it at the bottom here for the sake of completeness).

Anyway, take a look and see what you think:

Wow. That’s certainly a lot to take in there isn’t it and he really is saying some quite bizarre stuff – do we actually think that he’s being serious about everything he’s saying there or is it all just part of some kink/BDSM/roleplaying he gets off on? Surely he’s not actually a cannibal? Can believe that he might actually like drinking blood though.

Either way it’s still quite a murky situation. I know that this woman seems to be claiming that Hammer manipulated her into playing along with all this stuff, but in most of the messages it seems like she’s a more than willing accessory to whatever weird things Hammer is saying to her. Big question is whether or not she was able to give consent, but it’s kind of hard to come to that judgment without all the information – although the stuff that she’s leaked seems to suggest that was more than willing to play along. I suppose we’ll just have to see where this goes over the next couple of days, as more and more always seems to come out in these situations after the initial drop. Stay tuned.

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