Lead Singer Of Punk Band Savagely Dropkicks Girl Off Stage For Taking Selfie (VIDEO)

Parker Cannon Dropkicks Fan

Total wipeout.

The Story So Far are fairly well known in punk circles as a 2016 version of New Found Glory or something, but I’m pretty sure that nobody outside of that scene would really have heard of them or have too much interest them. Under normal circumstances though that is, and I feel like that might change after this video was recorded last night.

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In the video below, the band are coming back on stage for their encore ‘High Regard’ in Toronto at the Mod Club, and after a few words from lead singer Parker Cannon they kick into it. Whilst most people are just moshing or slamming or whatever kids do these days, one girl takes the opportunity to climb up on stage and take a selfie in front of the band.

Cannon wasn’t having any of it though and swiftly headed over there to dropkick the girl back into the crowd before getting on with the song:

Ouch. This isn’t the first time Cannon has indulged in such behaviour either, as he famously kicked a fan off stage last summer in Texas too, only this one wasn’t a girl.

I expect there to be some backlash and debate about this incident although I’m not sure which side I’m going to come down on. Of course, it’s not cool to hit girls (or anyone for that matter), but you kind of expect to be slammed around a bit at a punk show so it probably isn’t anything that someone standing at the front of a show wouldn’t have been expecting.

It’s also not cool to get up on stage for ages and stand around trying to get the perfect selfie, so you can see why Cannon was probably pretty angry and reacted like he did, especially when he probably has to deal with this shit every night. As the lead singer of a band though, he should probably be able to keep his emotions in check and not act like this.

Let’s hope the story turns out like when Fat Mike from NOFX punched a fan in the face on stage a couple of years back. The band let him sing his favourite song on stage with them a couple of days after as means of apology.


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