Lazy Mexican Workers Paint Over Dead Dog Instead Of Moving Him

Dead Dog Painted Over

Sort it out Mexico.

It’s often said that city workers are lazy as fuck, and this story really 100% puts that into perspective.

It took place over in Monterey, Mexico – sorry to perpetuate stereotypes about lazy Mexicans – on January 2nd, where some lazy city workers were too idle to even move a dead dog out of the way when they were painting traffic lines and simply painted over it. Absolutely gross.

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Dead Dog Painted Over

I get the fact it might be really boring and monotonous to do such a shit job and moving obstacles must get really tiresome, but it’s a dead dog man. Have some respect instead of just spraying its tail, torso, ears, nose and even tongue yellow. I mean they’re not even doing their job properly because the road underneath the dog remained unpainted. Cretins.

To make the story even worse, the dog itself doesn’t even appear to have been hit by a car – apparently it had no marks on its body or injuries consistent with such an accident but instead left by someone in the middle of the road after it had died. Sort it out Mexico, seriously – let’s not even start on what you’re doing to feminists at the moment either.


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