Who’s The Bigger Twat: Adrian Chiles Or Mark Lawrenson?

Sick Chirpse

Mark Lawrenson and Adrian Chiles are both twats that pollute our television screens but which one is the bigger twat. We take a closer look to find out.

Both of these twats have been pissing us off for a long time, Adrian Chiles on ITV and Mark Lawrenson on the BBC. Here we take a closer look to determine who is the biggest twat when it comes to football punditry.

Mark Lawrenson

Talking shit

Lawro has talked so much shit since he started on match of the day back in 2001, that producers get through at least one bog roll an episode wiping his mouth. Being an ex-footballer Lawro indeed knows a lot about the game, but as soon as he opens his mouth people just switch off due to his sarcastic and abrasive tone combined with his ridiculous girlie pitch.

Twat rating – 8/10

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