The Late Anton Yelchin’s Final Movie ‘Thoroughbreds’ Gets Its First Trailer

Anton Yelchin Thoroughbreds

It’s got 94% on Rotten Tomatoes.

Anton Yelchin tragically died at the age of 27 over a year ago, but it’s taken that long for his final move Thoroughbreds to get finished up and released.

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The movie dropped its first trailer yesterday and whilst you can’t really tell what it’s about – it seems like it’s some kind of black comedy revolving around the plot of two rich girls to kill some people and solve all their problems – it looks like it’s going to be completely slick and stylish and one hell of a ride. Check out the trailer below:

Yeah, that looks like exactly the kind of movie I would enjoy and you can’t really go wrong with Anton Yelchin either as I don’t think he’s ever made a bad movie. Let’s hope that his final performance doesn’t tarnish his reputation. Gonna have to wait until March next year to find out though unfortunately.

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