Larry David’s Approach To Comforting His Daughter During Her Break Up With Pete Davidson Is Peak Larry David

Where does fiction become reality?

Larry David is pretty much a universally loved cultural icon at this point thanks to his work behind the scenes on ‘Seinfeld’ and in front of the camera in ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’, but if this story is anything to go by it seems like it’s becoming harder and harder to separate the fictional Larry David from the real one.

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The story appeared in the LA Times during an in depth interview with Larry’s daughter Cazzie that talks about her painful break up with ‘Saturday Night Live’ star Pete Davidson and how Larry attempted to help her with that. Take a read through this and tell me that it isn’t something that could 100% have been lifted from an episode of ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’:

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David did eventually build up the courage to initiate a break, only to call him back days later and say she’d made a mistake. But Davidson said he was “the happiest he had ever been,” and definitively dumped her two days later in a text message. The following day, she learned that he was with Grande. He’d uploaded images of himself to Instagram showing that he’d covered his Cazzie tattoos.

She was devastated. On the plane to her sister’s college graduation, David was held by her dad as she “shook uncontrollably in his arms for the entire flight.” She curled up in the hotel’s bathroom, crying and sucking on her weed pens. She woke up “screaming in agony,” her dad pulling her from the bed to stop her spiraling.”


See what I mean? I know Larry David doesn’t have a daughter on the show, but everyone reading that can imagine just exactly how that scene would have played out and exactly how David would have been saying those words. Sometimes I wonder if David doesn’t just do these things in his real life to see how people react so he can put them in the show if it goes down the way he wants it. That wouldn’t really be that surprising would it?

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